Magnetic Slime

Jacqui's slime recipe: 1/3 cup of pva glue 1 heaped cup of shaving cream 1 table spoon of contact fluid (must include boric acid) 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda Food colouring Iron filings Warning - iron filing are very small and can be very dangerous if they are inhaled, should not be handled by a child, get an adult to add them in. Keep the magnet away from the iron fillings. Mix all wet ingredients together before adding the baking soda. Kneed in hands to get slime consistency. When iron, the iron fillings in this case, gets close to the magnet the iron become magnetised itself and it causes this strong attraction. I'm going to put some iron filling in water to show you. The attraction is so strong that even through it fillings are weighted down by the slime, it still wants to be close to the magnet.