Chocolate Caviar

Ingredients:Calcium lactate, Sodium alginate, Large bowl, Small bowl (for sodium alginate), Small bowl (rinsing water), Curved spoon, Slotted spoon. Method: 1. 1 cup water and 1 g sodium alginate – mix well. Can use a hand mixture. 2. Set mixture aside so that there are no air bubbles 3. 1 L water and 5g calcium lactate – mix well, making sure dissolves well. 4. using a dropper, drop small amounts of the of sodium alginate and place into calcium lactate bath. 5. Repeat as necessary, but do it slowly and don't crowd the bath. Stir solution gently. 6. With a slotted spoon remove each and rinse in a water bath to stop the reaction. Now both of the core ingredeients would usually dissolve by themselves when they touch water BUT when they are mixed together in water, they survive, grow stronger and form a gel.