Hi, I’m Vatché. I’m in love with science, it’s just so much fun! I like all the different sciences, but I love anything to do with chemistry – if it fizzles or pops, then it’s chemistry! I’m a science teacher so I love making science fun and exciting, it’s all about using your hands, exploring the world around you and coming up with creative ways to do experiments. You don’t have to be good at science to enjoy it, it’s all about exploring, making mistakes and having fun. I remember loving science from a young age, I was 6 when my dad introduced me to a biology computer program where I could learn about the human body, plants and animals. He taught me how to appreciate facts and ask questions. Since then, I’ve been reading about science, performing experiments in my kitchen and making a mess (I clean it up most of the time). If I’m not designing experiments and making things pop and fizzle, you’ll find me exploring the outdoors and taking photos.