I’ve been fascinated by animals and plants since I was a little girl. I spent a lot of time outside in my garden and in the bush marveling at living things and using my over-active imagination to day-dream about how everything might “work”. My love for nature also lead me to gathering lots and lots of books about animals and plants. Especially bird books! When I finished school and went to university, I discovered that coming up with creative explanations for how nature works based on what you’ve been reading and what your have seen with your own eyes in the real world is actually a job. It’s called being a Biological Scientist. This is now my job. If you love nature, have boundless curiosity, and don’t tend to give up on your dreams, you would make a great biologist! It’s so much fun designing experiments and using science to learn something brand-new about the living world no-one else before you has ever known.