Hey I'm Laura and I wish I had gills. Yep just like a fish, or maybe lungs as big as a whale? Either way it would be incredible to explore the our underwater world for longer then I can hold my breath or longer than my SCUBA tank can last. I grew up in Sydney and spent a lot of time as a kid at the beach, but it wasn't until I went to university and studied a Biology Degree and a Law degree and learnt how to SCUBA dive that I realised just how special, unique and precious our oceans are. The colours, the shapes, textures, the weird looking creatures, the beauty of their lives and the possibilities that can come from the ocean are mind blowing. We need to do all we can to help protect the oceans and our terrestrial habitats and you don't need to be a scientist to do it either. You just need a bit of knowledge and a willingness to get outside, have fun and leave the planet a better place than you found it!