Jacqui Pix

Hi l’m Jacqui. When I’m not getting arty, I love to do science experiments with everyday things from around the house. I love getting messy and making something from nothing… If it’s slimy, crystallised, goopy – or edible – count me in! Ever since I could remember I have been curious and inquisitive on how things work… but I’m the kind of person who likes to DO something instead of just thinking about it, so the best aspect of working on Get Clever is that I get to I live the experiment IRL (instead of just listening to a teacher talk about it, zzzz). I also get to challenge my body and mind – whether I’m using science to survive in the snow, freefalling from a highwire swing, or learning more about myself, for me it’s all about having fun! When it comes to scientific ideas, I think the best way to learn something is play around with it in your own backyard, and explore it for yourself – so go out there and get clever!