Hi I’m Faye, I grew up in England but have lived in Australia for a looong time! I’m one of the Presenters as well as a Producer on ‘Get Clever’ which is exciting because I get to combine my scientific studies with my creative skills in TV Production and story-telling. I love my job! I am fascinated by science, nature, travel & all things ancient! I studied a mix of science and art subjects at school and at university I specialised in Paleoanthropology – an area of archaeology which is all about understanding Human evolution. I was even lucky enough to go on ‘digs’ in South Africa and England. As a kid, I LOVED making mud pies in the garden as well as collecting snails; which kind of got me in trouble with my Mum & Dad when we discovered they’d multiplied and there were LOTS of baby snails all around the house…but hey, a young scientist has to start somewhere?! Ha ha…!